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9 de julio

Tango by Padula.

A la luz del candil

Tango. Year 1927.Music: Carlos Vicente Geroni Flores. Lyric: Julio Navarrine



Tango. Year: 1928. Music: Julio De Caro Lyric: Dante Linyera. MIDI file by Roberto Rodriguez Oriolo. Transcripted from Horacio Salgan-Ubaldo De Lio's version.


El porteñito

Milonga. Year 1903. Music and lyric: Angel G. Villoldo


El Choclo

Tango. Year: 1947. Music: Angel Villoldo Lyric: Enrique Santos Discépolo and Carlos Marambio Catán.

Don Juan, el taita del barrio

Tango. Year: 1900. Music: Ernesto Ponzio. Lyric: Ricardo J. Podestá


La Cumparsita

Tango by Gerardo Hernán Matos Rodríguez (1924). Version comissioned by the newspaper El País de Montevideo, Uruguay.

Loca de amor

Vals criollo.

Mar del Plata

Tango. Music by the italian master Victor Solaris.

Por una cabeza

Tango.Year: 1935. Music by Carlos Gardel. Lyric Alfredo Le Pera.


La puñalada

Milonga by Pintín Castellanos.


Tango Azul / Blue tango

Tango by Leroy Anderson



Tango. Year 1943. Music: Mariano Mores. Lyric: Enrique Santos Discépolo.



Tango by J.Gadé.

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