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Tamgo old postcards

Tango 1900

The romantic image of tango at the turn of the XX century.

tango old postcards

Women dancing together

Cheek to cheek, body to body, from 1910 to 1990, women dance the tango with each other.

Buenos Aires old postcards

Old Buenos Aires

The image of the cradle of tango from the end of the XIX century to the beginning of the XX century.

Caminito pictures

Caminito, tango temple

Adolfo Lazaro´s view over the most famous tango street.

Tango pictures

Sandra Sue

A photographic vision of tango on the street and stage.

Tango ilustration

The 1920s

Big names of Spanish illustration inspired by the dance

Gardel portrait

Carlos Gardel

The public image of tango's most legendary personality in photographs.

Tango phtography

Ana Portnoy

An Argentinian in Spain who evokes tango in her photographs.

Tango paintings

Crsitina Bergoglio

Paintings of a tango full of sensuality.

Mariano Otero painting

Mariano Otero

A Spanish painter who habitually works with the tango aesthetic.

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Tango al Norte

A look to tango from the canadian eye of Alex Waterhouse-Hayward.

Saura tango

Saura's Tango

Images from the film dedicated to tango by the Spanish director Carlos Saura.