Passion of shadows

Photographs by Ana Portnoy

Ana Portnoy
© Texto J. Alberto Mariñas

Light and shadow, red and black, passion and death, Eros and Tanatos, man, woman, the encounter, the embrace and a dance called tango. They are old arguments, so much so in fact that they are really as eternal and essential as pairs made of opposites. It is indifferent whether they are called ying and yang, love and hate or good and evil. One facing the other, separating and coming together, melting into an embrace, they trace the choreography of life as it is traced by Tango, a dance that escapes rules, because the steps are set by the heart.

Ana Portnoy is from Buenos Aires and, like so many other Argentinians, she settled in Spain more than 20 years ago (who said that "twenty years is nothing..."?) Living in Barcelona, Ana is a professional photographer and, for some time now, she has been working as a freelance documentary reporter for daily newspapers as well as for some of the most prestigious Spanish publishing houses.


Ana Portnoy (tlf:+34 93 458 07 85)
This work was commisioned by El Periódico de Cataluña.
The dancers on the pictures are
Julio Zurita and Paula Canals.