Salsa dancing


Colombian style

  Colombian style is caracterize by a very fast feet play  


    by Jhon Vasquez y Judy Aguilar
Cali competition











Casino, the Cuban salsa style



    by Obanis and Rafael, pure fluency and style  

Timba salsa

    by Vaini y Chocolate
a very sincopated and cadencious style


    casino Cuban style performed in Miami    


    Several couples dancing "casino" the traditional Cuban style related with the "son cubano" and now aplied by Cubans to dance all salsa music    

Charanga Forever

    Good example of "rueda de casino" the cuban synchronized style where several couples performe the same steps and exchang partners while dancing.  

Cabaret Style



    the best pirouettes ever. Spectacular but very little to do with real latin dancing sentiment.  
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