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Música salsa
Fundada en novienbre de 2001

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Salsa, cuban salsa, boricua salsa, New York salsa , Colombian... just Salsa at the end of the day . This web site is devoted to the latin music most world wide spreaded. A music born to be danced, thar integrate the heritage from many Latinamerican countries that receibe from the Caribean their source of inspiration.
Here you will find salsa midi music, sansa dancing on video, radios of salsa music, books, etc.

ritmo latinoSalsa midi

Midi files with some of the most celebrated salsa classics, many of them with their lyric .

radios latinasRadios de Salsa

From here you can tune in several salsa radio stations.

See how they dance

Videos of latin dancers from several countries, a bounch of performers and styles.

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