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Webs friends


Planetasonoro. Rock and Roll

Excellent resorce in Spanish about rock and roll, its history and main celebrities.

BlackCat Rockabilly

THE place to find rock 'n' roll lyrics as well as a history of the movement among other interesting chapters.


All the news about rock and roll in Spain in a very stylish web.

Dance to the 60'

Dutch page with a little bit of all, rock and roll Midis, ilustrations, retro parties, etc.

The History of Rock 'n' Roll

An exhaustiv resource, with more than 35 pages to find images, biographies, lyrics, links, etc.

Velvet Collar

The oficial page for UK Teddy Boys, co called because of its caracteristic Edwardian suits with velvet collar.

Teddy Boys Reunited

Roger and Parée's Rock 'n' Roll website looks simple but it is a tresure plenty of interesting content.

There is something else: belly dance

Because there is something elese apart from rock and roll, have a rest and visit this friend place devoted to an exotic dance: belly dance.

Artists and labels


Sun Studio

The place where everything was born. The label of the first rock and roll idols.

Elvis Presley

An exanple of what you could do when there is money to do it. An official page for a king, the King. All about him is there.

The official site of Chuck Berry

Shop, community, music, videos, bio, etc.

The official Community of Buddy Holly

Its name describe it, the artist's official site with forums, photos, bio, songs, Shop. Very professional..

Chubby Checker

Official page with all you could look for it there: photos, music, shop, bio, etc. The twist, limbo rock and the later musical evolution of the artist.

Jerry Lee Lewis

Fans Club page.

Little Richard

Página con información en español sobre este pionero del rock and roll.

Educational resources

Street Swing

A real dance encyclopedia with articles not only about rock and roll but any other style. If you are looking for clues and knowledge you will find it here. It has also a huge list of links.

Contemporary art course: rock and roll

Online course of Saatchi Gallery Contemporary Art of London. One of the chapters is devoted to the rock music of 50' including history and bios.

Historia del rock and roll

Historia del Rock preparada por José Ángel Rodríguez, un profesor del ies `Politécnico de Soria para sus alumnos con abundante material recopilado de distinta procedencia.



Clubs and academies

Club de rock and roll (acrobático) Universidad de Cambridge

Is not the most flatering page but has a huge lot of videos and resources. You can see there several years competition rutins , a bit of history, news, photos, etc.



Rock it Radio

Travel in the rime to hear to a radio broadcasting jus music from the firs decade of Rock and roll



I Rock N Roll

Is the page for the ones that want to own a piece of rock and roll memorabilia. The offer goes far beyond the clasic years of rock and roll

Unicorn 50s Designs

Si quieres vestirte para la ocasión, hombre o mujer no importa, aquí encontrarás la ropa de los 50.

George Cox Shoes

Zapatos con diseños originales de los 50' y 60'.

The menzies Era

You can find here many lirycs of several of the mos clasic rocks

Rock&Roll Street Terschelling

Rock and Roll festival at Terschelling island.


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