Rock and roll classic

Some of the most classic Rock and roll played and danced in 50' movies. Enjoy the dancing.




"Rip It Up"

by Bill Haley




Tutti Frutti


Little Richard



Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie

Bill Haley



See You Later, Alligator

Bill Haley




Rock, Rock, Rock

Jimmy Cavello and his House Rockers




Razzle Dazzle

Bill Haley




Swing Dancing

from the film Untamed Youth, 1957




Lindy Hop - Hellzapoppin - 1941

Oposed to what many think, Rock and Roll did not come with a new way of dancing, decades before, the Lindy Hop had crowded the ballrooms with couples performing the acrobacies and steps that rock and roll will adopt as its own.