Rock and roll dancing

Rock and Roll as it is danced today by its fans. Although recordings quality is uneven all of them are very interesting for its their content.




Natural style

Bärbl Kaufer y Marcus Koch



Classic Trio


NZ R'n'R Dancing


A classic of rock and roll ballroom dancing, two women and a man. A beatiful example superbly executed.



Another trio

Not as depurated as the previous one and a bit dark. The girls dress is perfect.



50' party style

Girls with "petticoats". boys with "velvet collar". A party with the purest 50' style.





Edith & Giancarlo, Italy




Modern acrobatic

MEGARock Team

Acrobatic rock has evolved to become a sport discipline. It has little to do with the original apeal of 50' rock and roll much less elaborated and natural.




Quizá esto fue el jitteburg

NatalieGomes & YuvalHod

All the acrobacies performed by this amazing copuple could perfectly fit with rock and roll music. Nevertheless they dance at swing music probably in the same way the dancers did during the 40' and 50' dancing jitterbug.