Rock and Roll, a music, a dancing, a look, a powerful youth movement with mithical manes to build up a legend: Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley... the original root for many other rocks with a wide variety of surnames. Find here rock and roll videos, rockl 'n' roll midi music, images and something about the rock and roll History.Cla





Rock and roll history

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Dancing at Rock today

Miths: Elvys, Chuck Berry...

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Rock & Roll History

A glimpse at the rock and roll history from a social and technical perspective

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Rock and roll songs and dancing from classic black and with films

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Listen on-line to some of the master pieces of Rock and Roll

Dancing Rock todayP

Rock and roll, acrobatic rock and roll, and even jiiterbug

Video hall of fame

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- Bill Haley

- Elvis Presley

- Chuck Berry

- Jerry Lee Lewis